'GHFC Triathletes' stun onlookers with Golfing and Tennis prowess!'GHFC Triathletes' stun onlookers with Golfing and Tennis prowess!'GHFC Triathletes' stun onlookers with Golfing and Tennis prowess!'GHFC Triathletes' stun onlookers with Golfing and Tennis prowess!

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'GHFC aligned with the leading authorities on anxiety and depression'

'We at the GHFC are proud to be aligned with dedicated organisations such as beyond blue, the Black Dog Institute, R U OK, the Australian Genetics of Depression Study Group, and Lifeline, encouraging everyone to visit their websites so as to be consistently informed and knowledgeable about the causes of, and coping strategies for, anxiety and the associated depression:

'Anxiety checklist' as recommended by beyond blue.

This checklist measures your experiences of anxiety during the past two weeks.

'Your answers and results are completely confidential and we don’t store any of your information. After taking the test, you can print the results for yourself or a health professional.

Tick the box next to each question that best reflects your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by the following issues?' beyond blue

'Anxiety: The ABC approach to recognising and managing the symptons'

Anxiety is many things, however simple to recognize and understand it is not! 

Having experienced the debilitating effects of not addressing Anxiety in it's infancy, I feel I am well qualified to speak. (However I am not a GP or Psychologist, so what follows is purely self experience).

I have opted for an 'ABC' approach not to simplify or minimize Anxiety, more to provide an automatic recall system during moments of self-reflection, just to make sure we are always making sure 'WE R OK', as well as those around us.

A: Awareness

B: Breathe

C: Communicate

GHFC gets a mention in InTouch magazine

'Charlie Hill has suffered with anxiety related depression and last year he created ‘The Glass Half Full Community’ – an online forum where people can talk openly about their experiences. Charlie explains:'

“As someone who has experienced the wrath of anxiety, I had become fully aware that it is something that has to be ‘out there’ in the open, with a requirement to start conversations that remove the stigma, in turn enabling people to recognise the symptoms, open up, and most importantly of all put into place proven strategies and coping mechanisms.”

The GHFC also has a compact App, for easy access to Editor's blogs and Discussion forums:

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